Sunday, 13 January 2019

Cardinal Weaving

Over the Christmas holiday I had a bit of time for weaving. It has been fun to work with such a bright colour. His crest looks a bit disheveled but I'll trim it eventually!


  1. You do such beautiful work. Your birds always make me smile. Such talent!

  2. I love the perkiness, Ruth! You've caught just the right expression. Has this three-birds-at-a-time method proven a good way to work for you?

  3. Hi Ruth I've just discovered u 😊 how beautifulong is all this. We'll I best get to reading. I've had a hand made loom for 1 week I've taken the warp off so many times I can't remember..I've got a cardboard one with slits for the cotton string..I've got the wooden one I made with small nails. Confusion plus with all the tutorials πŸ˜… the warp goes over the front at the bottom and top of the loom around the back over the road and back again. Something about it forming a fig 8 then there's the one that only stays to the front of the loom up n down up n down. Dear god don't get me started on how to start and end neatly in the middle of a row when the cotton or wool or in my case material strips ran out. That attempt was terminated as I'd used a roughish jute twine πŸ˜… which with the fraying material looked like a scruffy dog in need of a bath 😑
    Patience was never one of my virtues so I used what I had and followEd a tutorial on material weaving. I of course used wrong materials and had frayed cotton all over the place and all over me. I looked like I had one of those camouflage suits on πŸ˜‚
    Oh did I mention the massive ball of knots in the cotton string I purchased when unraveling the warped loom for the 3rd time? No? Don't ask πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ƒ the language was varied but mostly profane and my hands and arms and shoulders felt like I'd done a couple of rounds with prize fighter😁
    For something that was meant to be relaxing and fun it felt like I was going to war..I can feel the loom staring at me from the craft room hahaha. On a serious note I really love it and want to learn so purchased a few necessities..beautiful wools n yarns and proper needles. The tongue depressor with a hole drilled in the end was ok but not the best πŸ˜‚
    So glad I've found your blog and look forward to learning more and enjoying this wonderful Craft. Cheers Kaz from Oz πŸ˜†

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