Friday, 23 August 2013

Colour and Weave experiments (phase 1)

This summer I've been playing with Colour and Weave. The starting point was a gamp from The Structure of Weaving by Anne Sutton (page 36). I recorded the combinations of threading and began to chart them myself and then weave some to find out first hand how this works. I prepared three-ply yarns from dyed fleece in light greys and dark greens and blues (from Custom Woolen Mills near Carstairs Alberta Canada).
One set that worked really well looks a bit like a basket weave pattern. I wove a single and then a double variation. (SINGLE: warp: 2 lights 1 dark, weft: the same as warp. DOUBLE: warp: 2 lights 1 dark 1 light 1 dark, weft: the same as warp)
Once I understood this pattern, I charted a triple version of it for a future weaving. (TRIPLE: warp: 2 darks 1 light 1 dark 1 light 1 dark 1 light, weft: the same as warp)
Another pattern looks like bars of colour with little dots along the bars. (warp: 1 light 1 dark, weft: groups of three of each colour with the first pick going under warps of the same colour)