Sunday, 11 January 2015

Tapestry robin - new and improved

I needed to blend and spin a little bit more of the orange yarn from the dyed combed tops (Shown here with the other colours: white shropshire, and brown and tawny-grey ryeland).
I learned a lot from the first robin and used the same pattern to re-create it. The improvements I included were a better formed eye opening, tiny shaping changes, and simplified edges.
Finished weaving.
I clipped the holding threads to remove it from the backing.
I sewed the dark beads tightly against the inside of the eye openings and darned in any threads on the outside. I fastened a bit of heavy interfacing against the ends of the wire supports to keep them from poking through the weaving. It was then ready to assemble.
I fastened in the paper beak and wire legs, stitched up the seams and mounted it.

Friday, 2 January 2015

3D tapestry bird part 2

Weaving using my hand spun yarn was fun. I'm still refining the length of legs, size of wire feet and perching position. I have a long list of improvements I would incorporate in the next one.