Friday, 2 January 2015

3D tapestry bird part 2

Weaving using my hand spun yarn was fun. I'm still refining the length of legs, size of wire feet and perching position. I have a long list of improvements I would incorporate in the next one.


  1. I absolutely love this, Ruth! It seems even more appealing than the real thing, so sweet, and about to chirp! Wouldn't Dad love this one! Wonder what your next bird will be? I'm so intrigued how you can make things 3-D so beautifully!

  2. Just wondering how you dyed the orange/red wool . . . ?

  3. Ruth, I just discovered your blog in a search for basket weaving with paper. I am so excited that I found you! I am now exploring your postings.

    I have been searching for something to do with an abundance of wallpaper, and saw a few things which prompted more searching.

    But your little off loom weavings that I see so far are fascinating and bring back memories of weaving in college (a long, long time ago). I didn't think I would go back to that, but now, who knows.

    Keep up the wonderful work and THANK YOU!