Thursday, 22 November 2012

Plaited paper baskets

materials used, clockwise from top: 
heavy plastic with an enclosed strand of green yarn; 

large scenic calendar; cereal box; heavy packaging paper
I love these soft sided baskets* that can be made from all kinds of recycled materials. I've used old calendars, the wrappers from office photocopy paper, wall paper, travel brochures, maps, cereal boxes and the huge plastic wrapper from a new mattress. The construction is based on simple over and under weaving. 

To make a basket, go to the page "HOW TO MAKE plaited paper baskets".

*I learned to make the plaited baskets from the excellent book Time to Weave by Jane Patrick. (Have a look at my books and links page.) 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Turquoise series

Turquoise hand spun bags
Little all-in-one-piece bags are my ongoing handwork. They are just the right size to hold on my lap when riding in the car or sitting visiting. So I try to have one on the go all the time. My last batch was really fun, each one an experiment of colour or pattern, but they didn't look very good presented as a group. Most of those have been distributed as gifts or sold except for my favourites which are in use as holders for cosmetics or weaving supplies.

Bags using sari silk
For the current set I have given myself the goal that they should look good together. That way I can present them for sale on the Spinners, Dyers and Weavers Guild stall at Wool Fest next year. The unifying factor in this set is turquoise. I am trying all manner of new things: using my own variegated hand-spun; variations on plaid and twill weaves; spun sari silk as part of the warp; leather flaps sewn on. I have a bag full of the supplies for this series and it is fun to root around in it whenever I am ready to start a new one.