Monday, 3 December 2012

Super-chunky home-made yarn

Over the last few years I have saved every end of yarn from all my projects in my "oddments" basket. I dip into them whenever I need a small bit of yarn and can usually find one to match the current project if I need to sew on a button or tie on a label. But the basket overflowed and turned into two. Finally I dumped the whole lot out and used them up in one go. I tied them end to end in three separate strands. Then I put them together and used a 10 mm crochet hook to make a giant variegated chain. 
It is delightful the way the colours blend together in a totally random pattern. It has a ragged look because all the knots and ends are left showing. Now I need to find the right project for it. I've been canvassing my friends for ideas. One friend has offered me the use of her peg loom to make a mat. Someone suggested I find an even larger hook to crochet it into a very thick fabric. I intend to make a pin woven sample and weave it with a single strand of something thin to show off the chain.
 I used a short length in the locker hooked rug sample at a workshop given by Rosemary at the Eden Valley guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers. I liked the effect. It would need it to be a little thinner (maybe use two strands?) and would need a different solution for joining in because the knots are uncomfortable underfoot.

Please leave a comment if you have an idea of how I could use the home-made super-chunky yarn.