Monday, 3 December 2012

Super-chunky home-made yarn

Over the last few years I have saved every end of yarn from all my projects in my "oddments" basket. I dip into them whenever I need a small bit of yarn and can usually find one to match the current project if I need to sew on a button or tie on a label. But the basket overflowed and turned into two. Finally I dumped the whole lot out and used them up in one go. I tied them end to end in three separate strands. Then I put them together and used a 10 mm crochet hook to make a giant variegated chain. 
It is delightful the way the colours blend together in a totally random pattern. It has a ragged look because all the knots and ends are left showing. Now I need to find the right project for it. I've been canvassing my friends for ideas. One friend has offered me the use of her peg loom to make a mat. Someone suggested I find an even larger hook to crochet it into a very thick fabric. I intend to make a pin woven sample and weave it with a single strand of something thin to show off the chain.
 I used a short length in the locker hooked rug sample at a workshop given by Rosemary at the Eden Valley guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers. I liked the effect. It would need it to be a little thinner (maybe use two strands?) and would need a different solution for joining in because the knots are uncomfortable underfoot.

Please leave a comment if you have an idea of how I could use the home-made super-chunky yarn.


  1. Now you are really are using every last inch of yarn! For joining, would it work to simply lay the new strand in, perhaps overlapping an inch or so? Once the yarn is crocheted there shouldn't be any vertical stress at the join. Of course, this would mean you would be constantly adding new bits in. And what happens if you need to add to more than one strand at a time? Perhaps this wouldn't work.

  2. Why don't you try arm knitting ? something I tried recently and it's so fun. this yarn would be great to make a chunky scarf or cowl.

    1. This looks great! I am definitely going to try that. Thanks.

  3. Your Super Chunky Homemade Yarn would make great shoulder straps on your Little bags you posted on Friday, 10 June 2011

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