Thursday, 15 November 2012

Turquoise series

Turquoise hand spun bags
Little all-in-one-piece bags are my ongoing handwork. They are just the right size to hold on my lap when riding in the car or sitting visiting. So I try to have one on the go all the time. My last batch was really fun, each one an experiment of colour or pattern, but they didn't look very good presented as a group. Most of those have been distributed as gifts or sold except for my favourites which are in use as holders for cosmetics or weaving supplies.

Bags using sari silk
For the current set I have given myself the goal that they should look good together. That way I can present them for sale on the Spinners, Dyers and Weavers Guild stall at Wool Fest next year. The unifying factor in this set is turquoise. I am trying all manner of new things: using my own variegated hand-spun; variations on plaid and twill weaves; spun sari silk as part of the warp; leather flaps sewn on. I have a bag full of the supplies for this series and it is fun to root around in it whenever I am ready to start a new one.


  1. I just found your lovely little bags through pinterest.
    I am not familiar with this technique, but would like to try it. Can you direct me to an online tutorial?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi filomena,
      Here is a link to some instructions for the little bags from my page on weavolution ( This gives general instructions. I can send you the step-by-step instructions although they are still in draft form.

    2. Lovely! I checked the page and I think I can get it from your description.
      Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Ruth. I tried the link to your page but no luck :(
    Would you be kind enough to send me the instructions please? Jennifer

    Hi Jennifer
    Here are the instructions for the bag as written on the page linked above. Hopefully they make sense to you? If you copy the link at the top of this note and paste it into the top of your browser window, it should take you to the pictures.
    I started by drafting the bag out on paper at the size and sett I wanted. Then I built a box the right size and filled it with packing styrofoam. I wrapped the paper pattern around the box and pushed in the pins around the top; one for each pair of warp threads. I warped the sides first. Then as I warped the ends, I wove each thread across the base. Once the whole bag was warped, the base was already completely woven. I anchored the base threads in place by doing a row of lock stitch around the edge. Then I added a single extra warp thread to make an odd number. This is necessary to make the over-under pattern of weaving alternate when weaving in the round. I wove around the bag from the top down and did the embroidery pattern before taking the pins out and releasing the weaving from the loom. Then I fulled the project, added a zipper and lining. The pull tab is a 9 strand plait done with some of the weft yarns.