Thursday, 25 August 2011

Plaiting on holiday

We were on holiday and I wanted something to do while on the airplane and lounging by the pool. So I had fun experimenting with different colours while I plaited some straps and cords from cotton yarn. I found the instructions for these straps in the book Time to Weave by Jane Patrick. She gives great step by step illustrations and projects to make as well.
Here is a quick summary of the instructions:
For the 8 strand cord hold 4 strands in each hand. Take an outside strand from one side. Move it under 5 and back over 2 strands. It becomes the inside strand on the same side it started from. Repeat on alternate sides. Keep alternating this movement.
For the 9 strand strap start with 4 strands in one hand and 5 in the other. Take the outside strand of the group of 5. Move it over 2 and under 2 and put it in the other hand. It becomes the inside strand of the group. Repeat with the outside strand of the group that now has 5. Keep alternating this movement.

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