Saturday, 16 November 2013

Colour and Weave final projects

All those colours were so much fun to spin! (see the spinning post) Here are my two favourite projects of the "wild flower meadow" series. In both these projects I was attempting to achieve the feeling of random colour scattered across a blended green background by using a "special" yarn along with the pure colours. The special yarn had elements of both the light and the dark yarn so it blurred the otherwise distinct colour and weave patterns.

The needle book cover has the warp and weft pattern ddl. I combined my different blended greens for the dark in both warp and weft. The light in the warp was "special": yellow and green plied together. Then I used a variety of pure colours for the light yarn in the weft.
The zipped bag has the pattern dl in the warp. I used the "special" variegated yarn as the light strand. I didn't have quite enough, so you can see where I switched to pure yellow part way along the bag. I interspersed groups of three threads of pure colour in the mostly blended green weft.

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  1. I love this, and all your projects! Your weaving is inspirational! Thank you for sharing!