Saturday, 22 November 2014

All-in-one-piece sheep experiment

I got an idea for using up the trimmings from my finished jacket. I could use the turkish carpet knot I've been waiting to try. So I made a little paper model of a ryeland sheep (That is the kind of wool I need to use up; better be authentic, right?).

Then I made a graph paper weaving pattern and pinned it ready for warping.

Warped it up.

Wove it. The head needed to woven first, then unpinned and pulled out of the way to make room to warp the front legs.

Took it off the loom.

Assembled it inside out.

Turned it right side out. Possibly I made the pile a bit too long?!

Sheared it.

Fulled it and brushed the fleece. Stuffed it and added ears and features. It's 7 cm (2.75 in) tall. Quite successful, but I'll make the next one a bit bigger. 


  1. I really like it. Your experiment was definitely a success!

  2. I LOVE these, Ruth! Can you possibly make one for me? I'd love a little one, but maybe they are more work . . . ?

  3. Hola un trabajo maravilloso!!! me encanta tu blog lleno de bellezas saludos.

  4. Ruth, I just found your blog, your work is so lovely