Sunday, 4 February 2018

Quicker prototypes

Prototype of a pied wagtail,
markings drawn on before sewing
Over the last while I have devised a quick and reliable way to test my bird shapes. I make a prototype in fabric, either drawing the markings on plain fabric or foundation piecing them before sewing by machine. The eye beads are added inside before stuffing and the beak is sewn on afterwards. 

Pied wagtail weaving form with weaving started
Once I know the design is right, I use the shapes to make a weaving form pattern with all the construction marks and feather markings. I trace all this onto thin fusible interfacing which I fuse onto the heavy interfacing and begin construction.
Finished pied wagtail

Sparrow pattern used for Christmas gifts
As a side benefit, the patchwork birds are lovely things in themselves and make good gifts. I usually make a batch of at least 4 for efficiency.


  1. Ahhhhhhh almost can SEE him wag his tail !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. This is lovely, Ruth, so delicate and life-like! And the setting for final display is absolutely perfect. He looks so at home. . .

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