Monday, 3 October 2011

Pebble Bag Weaving Complete

back of bag and flap
By the end of the weaving I had found my way in meandering weft, how to switch colours and how to keep control of the shapes. To full and slightly felt the bag, I put it into the washing machine. It tightened up and has a really lovely feel. I'll make the lining next.
front of bag with flap closed


  1. Amazing mrs! Very inspiring! :-)

  2. I love how the colours and lines in the rock are duplicated in the weaving. Lovely!

  3. Ciao Ruth,
    Ti ho trovata tramite
    Pinterest con questa meravigliosa borsa!

    e poi sono andata a curiosare un pò il tuo sei davvero bravissima!!!
    io è da tanto che volevo provare anche la tecnica del telaio ma i costi mi hanno sempre frenata.....ora, grazie a te ho scoperto che posso provare col cartone o altri materiali di recupero!!! grazie infinite e di nuovo tantissimi complimenti per tutto quel che fai!
    gli animaletti sono veramente uno più bello dell'altro! brava brava brava!
    ciao, ti auguro una buona giornata
    sinide magalì

  4. Hello Ruth,
    I found you through Pinterest with this wonderful bag!

    and then I went to peek/snoop (?) a few your blog .... but you're really talented !!!
    I was a long time since I wanted to try the technique of the frame but the costs have always braking ..... now, thanks to you I have found that I can try with cardboard or other recyclable materials !!! thank you very much and again many compliments for everything you do!
    the animals are really one is the best! good good good!
    hello, I wish you a good day
    sinide Magalì