Friday, 11 November 2011

Pebble theme continued

To continue the pebble theme and explore more meandering weft, I started a set of coasters. They are done with wool so they can be felted in the washing machine after weaving. I had a lot of fun making some pebble-shaped "sketches" with two methods: shapes cut out of a sheet of stripes in crayon and ink; and photographs of yarn against dark paper cropped with a pebble-shaped frame.
The weaving is done on a "pin board" (stack of cardboard). 
I'm experimenting as I decide what method I want to use for the contrasting stripes and as I sort out how to make the edges beautiful. The coaster on the right is one of the first and shows how much shrinkage happens in the felting process. The ones on the left haven't been felted yet.


  1. I love these! I have been stalking through your blog and am so fascinated. I saw the jackets and the bags and the now the coasters and I am just awed.

    I have made cardboard looms but I end up with tapestry weave fabric all the time. How do I get plain weave? Your plain weave is incredible.

    1. Hello Acorn,
      To get plain weave, you need to position the warp threads as close together as the weft threads will be. When you weave you push the weft threads into place just enough to leave warp showing.

    2. Thank you very much. I will adjust my project accordingly!