Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sparrow finished

To stiffen the tail I made a loop of wire the same shape as the perimeter of the tail feathers. I laid it on the underside of the tail and anchored the ends on the last few stitches of the plastic "spine" inside the back. I attached the wire by completely covering it with whip stitches using the light coloured wool.

For the beak I made a little cardboard cone covered with a few layers of gummed brown paper tape. I streaked it lightly with coloured pencil and coated it with a few coats of white glue (pva) for strength and sheen. I poked three holes with a sharp needle (one on either side and one center bottom) and used wool to stitched it to the inside of the sparrow's mouth opening.

The final assembly (stuffing, attaching the wire legs and stitching up) went quickly and I forgot to take step-by-step photos until the sparrow was done and perching on the edge of my work basket. Now my mind is racing trying to come up with ways to make the beak, eyes and legs more convincing and integral, and ways to avoid more of the seams by weaving in the round.

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