Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Weaving the sparrow's head and wings

With my new three part pattern, I discovered that I can weave the top of the head all in one and avoid a tricky curved seam in such a prominent part of the design. To do this I made a narrow strip of plastic to serve as a "spine". I poked holes along it and stitched wool through the holes. Then I fastened it to the paper pattern with contrasting thread which will be taken out later. When warping I strung the warp threads through the wool stitches on the spine. This held the warp threads in their positions across the back and made the spine part of the structure. For the head, I bent the weaving form around and attached the spine through both layers lining up the seam. 

The breast of the sparrow is flat and all one colour so I wove it first to get used to tapestry weaving after not doing it for a while. I did a careful job of the perimeter of the piece, twining the two outer row together. I hope the firmer edge will be easier to stitch to the upper part of the bird when I assemble it.

sparrow's eye
While warping I stitched buttonhole stitches around the eye hole position using warp thread. When I wove the head, I stitched the weft thread into the outer half of the buttonhole stitches all around the eye. 

When the head was done I started at the spine and worked outward building up the wing markings.